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>There is an interisting discrepancy in user perception here.
>American users tend to lump what French call Afrique du Nord, Proche-Orient,
>and Moyen-Orient (or Maghreb and Machreck) in one big category called Middle

So it may be the occasion for american users to know about the Arabic 
part of Africa ;-)

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>May be you could add the following line
>Country/Region: North Africa,	Script:Arabic	Direction: RTL	Language:Arabic
>Geographicaly, the whole north Africa is (from right to left) Egypt,
>Lybia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. The official
>language in all those countries is Arabic.
>Note: Egypt and Lybia are generally classed as Middle-East, and North
>Africa thus includes the four countries Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco
>(and Mauritania more or less). These four countries are also called
>The Maghreb.
>There is also a local language, the Berbere, spoken mainly in some
>regions in Algeria  and  Morocco.
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