RE: New test page: text-transform

> - At the end, you have Greek, but you say Cyrillic.

Thanks.  This and others now to be fixed by John's version.

> - For the following case, there is just no chance that this
>    can ever work. How should a browser know whether to lowercase 'SS'
>    to 'ss' or to sharp-s: lowercase "de" (German). Same for
>    lowercase capitalize. Please remove these tests, or change
>    them to test that they don't do anything weird.

Well, I suppose one *could* make it work by using a dictionary lookup as
you would for Thai wrapping or Japanese entry, although I agree it would
be pretty surprising if someone did this.  

I guess that, except for very special stylistic purposes,
text-transform: lowercase is pretty well unusable for German. 


Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2003 04:15:12 UTC