Re: New test page: text-transform

Very nice work! Some comments:

- At the end, you have Greek, but you say Cyrillic.

- For the following case, there is just no chance that this
   can ever work. How should a browser know whether to lowercase 'SS'
   to 'ss' or to sharp-s: lowercase "de" (German). Same for
   lowercase capitalize. Please remove these tests, or change
   them to test that they don't do anything weird.

- In the first block, fifth line, fifth entry, something is missing.

- I would add some more explanations, rather than just
   "The left-hand character should match the right-hand one.".
   E.g.: In the following, the source contains pairs of characters,
   a lowercase character followed by an upper case character. If
   the transform works correctly, the lower case character will
   be transformed, and the uppercase character will not change,
   and so both characters should look the same.

- You did Latin up to Extended-A, yes. So Extended-B and
   Extended-Additional remain to be done, yes?

Regards,    Martin.

At 17:25 03/10/21 +0100, Richard Ishida wrote:

>I have begun a new test page to check browser capabilities relating to
>text-transform.  It is not complete.  If anyone wants to help develop it
>further I'd welcome your help.
>I notice so far that IE and Opera strangely fail to transform particular
>characters, whereas Firebird 0.6.1 does.  No browser seems to deal
>properly with Turkish I's or (perhaps not surprisingly) with German
>PS: This is linked from which is
>linked from the GEO home page.
>Richard Ishida
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>See the W3C Internationalization FAQ page

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