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>Well, ellipses are normally used when an *author*
>truncates a sentence, or a list of some kind.
>Other characters used for that:
>     = paiyan noi
>     * ellipsis, abbreviation

I have never seen paiyannoi used with a function similar to the ellipsis in
Latin text. Only to abbreviate. For instance, the formal name for Bangkok
is usually written กรุงเทพฯ because the full name is never actually used and
is very long: กรุงเทพพระมหานคร บวรรัตนโกสินทร์ มหินทรายุธยา มหาดิลกพิภพนพรัต์ ราชธานี
บุรีรมย์ อุดมสันติสุข -- that's the prototypical example I was taught with, and it
was explained as being used for similarly long expressions that need a
short representation. I.e. abbreviations, but not in the sense of "Mr." but
rather more like saying "Queen Elizabeth" rather than "Her Majesty,
Elizabeth, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
Ireland, etc." (whatever her full title is).

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