[IRI] IRI should not allow space; remove BNF from draft-duerst-iri-02...

I've heard the discussion about the inclusion of spaces
in IRIs when they are not allowed in URIs, and I'm
swayed by the argument that IRIs should only address
the internationalization issue. That is, URIs and IRIs
should not differ on where and when spaces are allowed.
The only difference should be in non-ASCII characters.
This makes the relationship between IRIs and URIs simpler.

Perhaps there is some update in the URI draft
(draft-fielding-uri-rfc2396bis-00.txt) that should
talk about the use of interior spaces, but I don't
thinkt he two documents should differ.

Secondly, note that the RFC 2396 update will
also update the BNF for URIs, and the IRI draft
should follow. I think that it would be a shame
to issue the IRI RFC and then soon after issue
a revised URI RFC with a different BNF.

So I think the solution to this is to remove
the BNF from section 2.2 of the IRI draft.
(It was a good idea at the time, but the
timing is now wrong).


Received on Friday, 15 November 2002 22:13:08 UTC