Re: Question about Euro character...

* Paul Deuter wrote:
>I have an HTML file which has no character set identification whatsoever
>which contains both a hex 0x80 byte as well as the following NCR €
>Both are displayed in IE as the Euro symbol.  Why is this?
>Since the default encoding for HTML is 8859-1 and not Windows-1252, the
>0x80 should not be seen as a Euro symbol.

HTML 4 says user agents must not assume any default encoding, they may
use heuristics to determine the encoding of the document and if there is
a 0x80 in the stream, it cannot be ISO-8859-1, thus it is legal to
assume Windows-1252. Using € is strictly speaking invalid and
thus rendering is undefined.

Received on Tuesday, 12 November 2002 00:53:16 UTC