Re: "#" in IRI references

Hello John, Bjoern,

I agree with Bjoern that <> isn't really that much used
as a delimiter for URIs/IRIs anymore. As for spaces,
the main pressure to allow them came from XPointer.

Regards,    Martin.

At 07:23 02/10/22 +0200, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

>* John Cowan wrote:
> >>   ichar          = << allowed character of the UCS [ISO10646] >> |
> >>                    space | idelims | unwise
> >>
> >>   idelims        = "<" | ">" | "#" | "%" | <">
> >It looks to me like "idelims" are things that should *not* appear in
> >IRIs.  They have to be delimitable by something, and <> brackets and
> >double quotes are appropriate.
>Yes. However, the most popular way to delimit URI references in an
>ambiguous context is white-space and I do not see any good reason to
>allow unescaped spaces in IRI References. I really wonder how an
>application should deal with unescaped spaces in IRI References if it
>has to deal with a white-space separated list like e.g.:
>   xsi:schemaLocation = '
>                Schema.xsd'
>Sure, you can escape the space here to remove the ambiguity, but if you
>have to escape the space anyway, you could just dissallow them to avoid
>such problems. The only reason given in the draft I can follow at least
>a little is 5.1.b.3, convenience, but reaching convenience could be done
>less harmful through error recovery constraints; dissallow them but
>require applications to accept and replace them.

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