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Re: Rush request for help!

From: John H. Jenkins <jenkins@apple.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 22:00:46 +0900
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To: www-international@w3.org
Actually, neither example is very good.

The grass radical can be drawn with either three or four strokes, even in 
traditional Chinese, and the ideograph for one is absolutely 
indistinguishable no matter where it's written.

The example I generally use is the bone radical (U+9AA8).  When simplified 
Chinese was developed, they restructured this character and everything 
written with it to use one fewer stroke.  As a result, it's written 
differently in mainland China from the way it's written everywhere else.
Still, everybody recognizes the alternate version, even if it's not what 
they'd use personally.

On Friday, December 21, 2001, at 11:30 AM, Suzanne M. Topping wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm rushing to send off the final draft of a Unicode paper for the
>upcoming conference, and am desperate to find a legitimate example of
>Han Unification display problems.
>The two examples I dug out of various ongoing email debates etc. are
>         The traditional Chinese glyph for "grass" uses four
>         strokes for the "grass" radical, whereas the simplified Chinese,
>         and Korean glyphs use three. But there is only one Unicode point
>for the
>         grass character (U+8349) regardless of writing system.
>         Another example is the ideograph for "one," which is different
>         Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
>I have been told that neither of these are valid examples, for various
>I very much want to include a legitimate example of a character which
>displays using different glyphs in various character sets, and am hoping
>that one of you brilliant people out there can send me one ASAP, so I
>can finish this blasted paper and go home to grab a glass of eggnog.
>Help please???
>Suzanne Topping
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John H. Jenkins
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