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help for a nonspecialist?

From: Daniel Mufson <pergolesi2@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 12:12:23 +0100 (CET)
Message-ID: <20011109111223.65370.qmail@web13302.mail.yahoo.com>
To: www-international@w3.org
I'm not at the technical level of this community and
my problem may be specific, so maybe it's best if
people who want to help me out contact me directly at

I'm an editor and writer trying to set up my own
academic-oriented web site on alternative theater. The
site should launch in a month or so. Eventually, I
want to post essays on the site in multiple languages.
What I have on my home computer to do this is
Microsoft Word, HomeSite, an FTP program, and that's
about it. My version of Word does not have proofing
tools for languages other than English, French, and

So: If a writer from Korea sends me an essay she wrote
in Korean using her version of Word, what do I need to
do in order to post it to the site? If you can answer
this question, please do so in a step-by-step manner
catering to someone whose background is in the
humanities and who knows a bit of HTML. All I know is
that eventually the HTML tag would require a meta char
set tag, or something like that. But presumably, if I
open a Word document from Korea using my current
version of Word, I'll just get a big mess on my
screen. Does it just look like mess, or, if I cut and
paste it into an HTML doc with the appropriate meta
and char set tags, will browsers read it as Korean
characters? Or do I need to buy MS Word Proofing Tools
for all the languages I'd want to publish, which, to
my understanding, would cost a small fortune? 

Am I making any sense? Is it possible for a layman
such as myself to run a multilingual site with just
some HTML knowledge, or are the technical aspects of
doing multilingual work with different alphabets just
too complex?

If you want to visit the site-in-progress, the URL is

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Mufson

Daniel Mufson
Habersaathstr. 27
10115 Berlin
    Tel.: (030)2804-6348
      Tel. from U.S.: 011-4930-2804-6348
    Fax: (030) 2804-6349


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