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[OT] list activity (was Re: Setting a new locale in HP-UX

From: <Peter_Constable@sil.org>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 02:20:12 -0500
To: www-international@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF2FDC24F4.5EEA3AB6-ON86256AB7.00283C14@sil.org>
This off-topic inquiry intrigued me. I've been wondering at the fact that, 
over the past month, the Unicode list has dropped off considerably, yet 
this list has picked up quite a bit, and with traffic of the sort that 
used to be pretty common on the Unicode list.

Andrea, I think others must have followed you in moving from that list to 
this. :-)


On 08/29/2001 02:04:23 AM www-international-request wrote:

>Hello Sourav,
>This mailing list is about *WWW* internationalization. I'm not
>clear how your question is related to this topic. Please post
>it at a more appropriate place.
>Thanks and regards,     Martin.
>At 10:29 01/08/29 +0530, souravm wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I urgently need this help.
>>I'm trying to print Chinese text from HP-UX. The locale need to be used
>>is zh_CN.hp15CN.
>>I'm setting LANG=zh_CN.hp15CN.
>>After this setting I'm getting anwarning saying that the locale is not
>>I need to know what should one do to make a new locale available in
>>HP-UX. Also how can one be ensured that the font needed is available
>>with the OS.
>>Any help is appreciated.
>>Thanks in advance,
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