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RE: International business communications and Unicode

From: Gibson, Emma <gibsoe@vic.cpaonline.com.au>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:15:10 +1000
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To: www-international@w3.org

Dear all

Thanks so much for such comprehensive replies. I am scurrying to read all
the recommended sources and indeed many of your organisation's websites have
proved interesting to look at also. I would like to thank you all
individually but I don't want to take up to much of your eyeballs.   So to
answer the specific questions

In response to  Kremena Gotcheva

"Can you give me a somewhat better idea on what Virtual Communications
includes. If it is more of a 'soft skills' discipline, you probably will be
happy to leave details to the experts and only know in general how it works"

This particular MA is more 'soft skills' however it is operating on the
premise that we will need to engage in educated conversations with
developers, designers etc if we are to create truly effective communication
systems. Therefore we are learning the basics of coding, programming and
designing along with high level communication strategy etc.

I myself have found that taking the time to actually learn how a website
needs to be constructed to make it accessible, has made my case for
accessibility stronger when presenting to the business (and impressed some
reluctant developers, a little weary with the business units) So I guess
yes, a basic understanding is what I need and am getting from reading all
the posts and recommended resources :)  As I am interested in the impact on
business communications it would be foolish to try and evaluate this without
some understanding of the impactor!
I will email you my report when completed and to anyone else interested. It
is only meant to be 1000 words so I will have to be extremely efficient in
my writing.

In response to Andrew Cunningham

"since you're a RMIT student (I guess the dreaded 108 building?)"

No I got lucky - I'm in the creative media area.

and to Andrea Vine

Thank you thank you for the i18n explanation - makes things much clearer. :)
I appreciate everyone's patience with my lack of discussion board

Kind Regards

Emma Gibson
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