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International business communications and Unicode

From: Gibson, Emma <gibsoe@vic.cpaonline.com.au>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 16:33:59 +1000
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Hello all
Emma Gibson is my name and I am a Virtual Communications Masters student at
RMIT University in Australia. Martin Druest recommended I throw this
research question out to you all, as you would be the most qualified to
As part of our studies,  we are looking at the use of the internet to
establish global business communication networks - especially the impact of
cross-cultural issues on the effectiveness of the medium. 
I decided to focus on accessibility as a cross-cultural issue, as it
obviously has global resonance and also because in my professional life in
Australia I have encountered a great deal of ignorance about, and resistance
to the use of these guidelines. In researching further I came across the
topic of internationalisation and Unicode.
I have no doubt my questions will cause a few eyes to roll :) as I haven't
even grasped the basics, but having surveyed my classmates - all of whom are
purportedly in training to become global virtual communication managers,
no-one had heard of Unicode. When I started to research it I'm afraid my
technical ignorance left me a bit stumped. 
So, if someone has the time, what I would love to know is:
1. Is Unicode the great salvation?  Could a business manager utilise this
technology and build a website that would then be accessible to every
country and culture without needing local content providers/ translators? (
is there a dummies guide?)
2. Is there information on the Net about the impact of Unicode on global
business communication, with a focus on the human beings who use it/ will
use it rather than the technical elements?
3. As the people creating and working with this technology every day, why
would you think it was essential for future business/ communications
managers to understand its scope and potential?
Please treat these questions as a guide only. Any sort of feedback, however
anecdotal, on the joys and frustrations of this technology would be greatly
appreciated. I would also be more than happy of course to answer any
questions about what I'm doing.
Thank you in anticipation, 

Kind regards and best wishes

Emma Gibson

* gibsoe@vic.cpaonline.com.au
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