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Re: charset list

From: A. Vine <avine@eng.sun.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 13:11:20 -0700
To: Michael Gorelik <mgorelik@Novarra.com>
Cc: www-international@w3.org
Message-id: <3B7AD768.4720231C@eng.sun.com>
The best lists you can find are the lists of charsets supported by the product
you're looking at.  For example, here are the lists of charsets supported by

Java 1.1 

Java 1.2

Java 1.3

and those by Netscape:

Navigator 4.5b

Mozilla (may also apply to Netscape 6)

I can't find lists of supported charsets for IE, and searching the MS site is
useless.  Does anyone out there have these links?

Mail client generated names and mail server recognized names can also be useful,
but there are way too many of them to list, and this info is usually not readily


Michael Gorelik wrote:
> I can see that lots of japanese pages use x-sjis, x-jis, x-euc-jp charset.
> However, I don't see those defined in IANA registry???
> Is there more places to look in order to get a full list of charset used?
> Misha Gorelik
> *;O)
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