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Re: i18n

From: Andrew Cunningham <andjc@ozemail.com.au>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 02:03:41 +1000
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Hi Jim and all,

Jim, I'm assuming that your question refers to the internationalisation of a
web site or web pages ...

Rssell Rolfe mention three books in his reply .. the Nadine Kano book has
some very useful material in the appendicies on locale specific information
.. formating of addresses, numbers, dates, etc in different
regions/countries .. well worth a look ...

and    Russell also mentioned Ken Lunde's new book ... very good for getting
your head around japanese characters sets and encodings ...

but whatever you need to do .. really depends on your audience .. and the
geographical region they dwell in.

The practicalities of web site design also depend on what software and
operating systems you ave access to ...

the best pace for basic info and pointers for internationalization of web
sites is the w3c pages on internationalization

you could also look at http://babel.alis.com:8080/ but you'll get the same
basic material at w3c

there's been a fair bit written about digital libaries and multilingual
issues ...

and the internationalization or localization of business web sites as part
of a global marketing strategy ...

but so far no decent books or material covering multilingual web page and
web site design ...

its just a case of trawling the web ...

some of the web designers and web administrators in the australian
government, NGO and community sector have been talking to each other ...
within a few weeks they should have a mailing list up to discuss issues
relating to the design and development of websites in community languages.
An attempt to share information , and experineces, and resources  amongst



Andrew Cunningham
Information Systems Librarian
City of Maribyrnong Library Services

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