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There are three good books that I would recommend on the subject:

     1. Nancy L. Hoft's "International Technical Communication"
          John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York.

     2. Nadine Kano's book "Developing International Software
          For Windows 95 and Windows NT".  This is an online
          book.  Its URL is

     3. Ken Lunde's book "CJKV Information Processing"
          (not sure the publisher)

Also, go to any search engine and type "Internationalization" or "I18N" and
you sold find a lot.

Good luck,

Regards, Russ Rolfe
Internationalization Engineer, AT&T

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Would anyone care to respond to Jim?


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> Misha,
> 	I am a web developer for Chapman University in Orange, California.
I was
> visiting the W3C site for some information on internationalization.  Since
> am new at this method, I'm not sure of where to begin in the process.
> you possibly suggest any resources that might get me started in my works?
> The languages I need to foucs on are English, Spanish, Japanese, and
> Thanks for your consideration.
> Jim Hwang
> Chapman University

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