RE: Proposed addition to mail/news standards to support translations

My (only casually considered) opinion is that adding more MIME headers for
language translations won't help with the applications it is purported to
support (content selection and content preparation), and that a more useful
direction would be to register "language" and "translation" content features
using the CONNEG framework, allowing the expression of content-features,
recipient preferences, etc. in a uniform framework. Among other things, the
conneg framework (RFC 2533) allows expression of 'q factor', and indicating some
estimate of the likely "quality" of translation and acceptability seems to be a
useful addition to the list ordering of multipart/alternative. points to the CONNEG working group items. Note
also that some of the media feature response mechanisms in RFC 2530 would work
for indicating language preferences and that language preferences for given
email recipients could be expressed in the 'resource capabilities' expression


Received on Monday, 22 March 1999 22:45:05 UTC