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C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

4th Conference on Human Factors and the Web: Our Global Community

June 5, 1998

Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA

The fourth in a series of Human Factors and the Web
conferences will be held on Friday, June 5, 1998 in
Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and sponsored by AT&T Labs.
The first three conferences were sponsored by Sandia National
Laboratories (March 1996), Microsoft Corporation (October
1996), and US West Communications (June 1997).

The purpose of these conferences is to provide a forum for
sharing information among a community of human factors
engineers, designers, and developers who are interested in
producing web sites that are more useful and usable.

Basking Ridge is in suburban New Jersey, 55 minutes West of 
New York City, and can be easily reached from the Newark 
airport (40 minutes by shuttle bus or car).


These conferences focus on web design and usability. 
Presentations can take a variety of approaches, including 
reports on empirical work, discussions of design and 
evaluation methods, or reflections on what we have learned 
about designing for the web.

The featured topic for this conference is "Our Global 
Community."  We will have a panel on "Internationalization 
of the Web: How Do We Design for the Globe?" that will 
discuss issues such as formats, languages, cultures, content, 
the effect of English on the web, and the U.S. dominance of 
the global web.

In addition to papers on general web design and web usability,
we especially encourage presentations focusing on aspects of 
web design for the global market.

Submissions can be either for half-hour oral presentations
or for panel discussions.  Submissions for presentations
should be papers between 2000 and 4000 words in length.  
Proposed panels should be described in enough detail to be 
reviewed.  All papers and presentations should be in English.

Proceedings will be published on diskette and on the 
conference web site. Publication versions of accepted 
papers, and presentation materials, will need to be emailed 
two weeks before the conference.

To make a submission:

1) Complete the cover sheet included at the end of this message.

2) Send cover sheet and submission via email as plain text or as
   an attachment in HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word format.

3) Send your submissions to J. P. Cunningham at cunningham@att.com
   NO LATER THAN March 16, 1998.


Your submissions will be reviewed by a committee of experts in
web design.  We will send notifications of acceptance or
rejection by April 17, 1998.  (In a separate email we will be 
requesting volunteers for the review committee.)

Review of submissions will be based on the originality of the
submission, the quality of the description, analysis or position,
the support for the conclusions (in either data or argument), and 
the usefulness of the contribution to other practitioners.


March 16, 1998	Deadline for paper submissions
April 17, 1998	Notification of acceptance
May 22, 1998	Presentation materials and final paper are due
June 5, 1998	4th Human Factors & the Web Conference


Web Site:


Please direct your questions to: 

   Judy Cantor, Conference Chair
   AT&T Labs
   Telephone: +1 732 949 0479
   Fax: +1 732 949 8569
   Email:  hfweb@coemail.its.att.com

--------------------> cut here >------------------------------



{ }

{ }

Abstract (about 100 words):
{ }

Keywords that will help us choose appropriate reviewers
for your submission:
{ }

Type of submission:
{ } Oral presentation (conventional paper)
{ } Panel discussion

Contact information for the principal author:
Name: { }
Affiliation: { }
Address (suitable for express delivery service): { }
Telephone: { }
Fax: { }
Email: { }
Some way to reach you in an emergency (e.g, home telephone,
pager, cellular phone): { }

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