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Re: Unnecessary redraws with Content-Language

From: <NICK_DOWNES@HP-France-om1.om.hp.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 97 08:08:10 +0100
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TO: rklei@acm.org
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     I know nothing about this specific problem, but we have had problems 
     with multiple redraws in Netscape (fewer with IE).  Frames, and in 
     particular nested frames, have caused us many multiple-redraw 
     problems, and we have had to redseign sites to make them work.  The 
     problem is most evident if there is a slow network connection. We 
     didn't spot the problem during development because our local network 
     is sufficiently fast that there was just the slightest flicker: when 
     we tested it with customers with modem connections, it became 
     glaringly evident. Moral: always test your site with a low-speed 
     network connection.  You could try looking in the http logs to see 
     what is actually being requested and sent.
     Nick Downes
     Hewlett-Packard France

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Subject: Unnecessary redraws with Content-Language
Author:  Non-HP-rklei (rklei@acm.org) at HP-France,mimegw8
Date:    11/13/97 7:37 PM

Dear colleagues,
we have been testing some of the META elements for internationalisation 
purposes. We suspect that the Content-Language tag causes unnecessary 
redraws of the page by various browsers (Netscape and IE): the page is first 
downloaded and rendered according to the default language and then it is 
redrawn to render it correctly for the language indicated by the 
Content-Language tag. 
Could somebody (browser hackers!) confirm this suspicion?
Reinier van Kleij
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| Technical Director                   | 
| Exol SpA, Advanced Internet Projects | 
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