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Announce: Publication of Discussion Document, Luxembourg, July 1997

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Some of you might be interested in this :

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      Publication of Discussion Document, Luxembourg, July 1997

                    'Human Language Technologies'
       Living and Working Together in the Information Society 

The Discussion Document is the intermediate result of an ongoing
concerted effort in defining future European RTD activities in 
Human Language Technologies, started in May 1996 and involving
a large number of actors from industry, research laboratories
and academia. 

The document reflects work in progress and is provided in order to
stimulate a wider discussion. Comments and suggestions for
improvements are most welcome. 

The idea at the root of the document is that RTD in Human Language
Technologies should be focused on a small number of challenges,
central to key drivers of the Information Society, and to which it
can contribute in a substantial way. It should build on existing
European strengths and potentialities, address the European RTD policy
issues, namely the criteria set out for the Fifth Framework
Programme, meet the aspiration of European citizens and support a
cohesive development of the Information Society of the 21st century
in the EU.

The work described in the document, in particular in Part III, is an
implementation of this model. It is intended to be both focused and
sufficiently open-ended for a flexible implementation, reflecting the
reality of changing priorities. Specific RTD options will be the subject
of further consultations with users, developers and researchers.
Besides the RTD activities proper, substantial support for focused
demonstration actions and basic infrastructure is foreseen.

The document is available on the web at:


or by contacting:

   LINGLINK, Anite Systems, 151 rue des Muguets, L-2167 Luxembourg
   Tel: +352 427744  Fax: +352 439594, Email: linglink@anite-systems.lu
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