Re: Three new I-Ds re. URL i18n

>> Your proposal is a 
>> patch over a broken design. If we had clean seperation, there would
>> be two problems: I18N of naming, and I18N of searches. They
>> could have the same technical resolution (use UTF-8), but that
>> doesn;t mean to say they need to share the same *mechanism*.
>Having the same technical solution simplifies implementation.
>And internationalized they need to be anyway. The question
>of whether we would be better off with two separate mechanisms
>is an interesting one, but it is independent of the question
>of how to do internationalization.

I disagree. The definition of the mechanism could have a drastic 
effect of the strategy to use for I18N. 

Received on Friday, 1 August 1997 12:30:59 UTC