Re: Three new I-Ds re. URL i18n

>>    Query-Encoding: utf8
>>    Query-Encoding: shift-jis
>> is preferrable to Query-UTF8.
>Of course if you have such an alternative suggestion, you
>are wellcome to write an internet-draft, too.
>But why should it be preferable? We have discussed this some time
>ago. I have argued that upgrading from chaos to labeled chaos
>is not a very big step ahead. 

It is a smaller step than going to UTF-8.

>Ideally, URLs should never have contained anything else
>than UTF-8.

Agreed, though personally, I think URL's should go away.

>> Ideally, URL's should never contain queries anyway.
>Thanks for initiating a little bit of philosophical discussion.

This is not random philosophical musings. Your proposal is a 
patch over a broken design. If we had clean seperation, there would
be two problems: I18N of naming, and I18N of searches. They
could have the same technical resolution (use UTF-8), but that
doesn;t mean to say they need to share the same *mechanism*.

Received on Thursday, 31 July 1997 16:29:34 UTC