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Re(2): Alba, Scotch

From: <Iain.URQUHART@LUX.DG13.cec.be>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 11:28:01 +0100
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> I guess most Gaelic speakers prefer Scottish nowadays and 639 could easily
> reflect this.
I agree with Michael, except I think this applies to Scots generally. The most common form of the adjective is "Scottish". Note, for example, the "Scottish Nationalist Party", and not the "Scots Nationalist Party". You'd think these guys would have been careful which form they picked.  A highly unrepresentative straw poll of fellow Scots here also suggests that the use of "Scottish Gaelic" is entirely uncontroversial, while "Scots Gaelic" is seen as either an archaism or a horrible Anglicism which implies some kind of relationship between the Scots and Gaelic languages. (n.b I know this isn't true, I'm just reporting reactions). Gaelic speakers don't generally speak Scots.  

Pragmatically speaking, and whatever the recognised authorities may say, it seems to me if you go for "Scots" rather than "Scottish" you're liable to get plenty more arguments like this.  

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