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Re: ISO 639-2 3-letter language codes and RFC 1766

From: Marion Gunn <mgunn@ucd.ie>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 14:47:28 +0000
To: iso10646@listproc.hcf.jhu.edu, keld@dkuug.dk (Keld J|rn Simonsen)
Cc: ietf-languages@uninett.no, ietf-types@uninett.no, www-international@www10.w3.org, iso10646@listproc.hcf.jhu.edu
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At 7:38 21.1.97, Michael Everson wrote:
>Keld Simonsen skriv om at DIS 639-2 teksten findes her:
>>   ftp://dkuug.dk/i18n/iso-639-2-dis.txt
>En HTML version findes her:
>    http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/iso639/dis639-2-en.html
>Michael Everson

With ref to <http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/iso639/dis639-2-en.html>:
gdh gae Gaelic (Scots)
sco sco Scots

The word in parentheses above should be "Scottish", rather than "Scots" .
The use of "Scots" above to refer to the Gaelic of Scotland both
unnecessarily duplicates a word needed to mean another langugage (the Scots
language) and introduces further confusion into a standard which is already
confusing for Gaelic (as already discussed on list iso10646@list).

Marion Gunn
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