Re: ISO 639-2 3-letter language codes and RFC 1766

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>- There's a meeting in July of 1997 to resolve the comments
>  (ISOspeak for revising the draft in light of ballot comments)

Where is that meant to be?

>My opinion is that we should not revise RFC 1766, "Tags for the identification
>of languages", the basis for the Content-language: header, to refer to this
>work until the final resolution of comments is done, and the document is
>published as an ISO standard.

I agree.

>And then, if there are still 2 columns, RFC 1766 should refer to only
>ONE of them.

I agree; and it should refer to the Terminology one.

>*Gaelic (Scots)     gae           gdh

	Recte Gaelic, Scottish (= Gàidhlig na h-Alba)

>*Irish              iri           gai

	Recte Gaelic, Irish (= Gaeilge na hÉireann)

Note that gae and gai are hopelessly confusing, considering the native
terminology. We have been discussing a resolution to this (gla, gle as
Terminology terms) with the editors of the standard.

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