Re: Computer languages in langage tag

On 2010-04-14 11:27, David Woolley wrote:
> Mariusz Gliwiński wrote:
>> I'm astonished about absence of computer languages in HTML lang tag. 
>> As I can see You are using RFC 5646 
>> <> language specification 
>> which aims only for human languages. Unfortunately, I don't see a 
>> point of 
> HTML is intended for human consumption.  Information for machine 
> consumption should have an application/..... media type.
> Of have I not understood the question?
>> separating lang and code tags. The only difference between this two 
>> are target user and tighter syntax in computer ones. My goal is to 
>> make information in my CMS best structured and described for uses in 
>> semantic web. Furthermore, I believe we can learn computers 
>> understand human languages in the future. Firstly, could You lighten 
>> me up the reasons of distinguishing them? Secondly, is there any way 
>> to treat both groups in similar manner in standards friendly way?
Seems like we don't understand each other (in both directions). The 
basic question is why do we have separate <code> and <lang> elements? 
Hope it'll let You proceed reading my previous e-mail.

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