Re: [OFF TOPIC] CRUD table form problems

Well, not "preposterous", but possibly oxymoronic.
Thufir, John's point (if it is unclear) is that there
is no such concept as "sufficiently valid"; either
a document is valid, or it is not : there are no
in-between states (/tertium non datur/).  Of course,
there are certain projects currently underway that
seek to re-define "valid", but that is another matter
entirely ...

John Foliot - wrote:
>> The HTML was sufficiently valid for my purposes, it was more a matter
>> of
>> knowing how to use the tags.  (The HTML was generated by Jakarta ECS,
>> BTW.)
> Am I the only one on a "standards" mailing list that finds this statement preposterous?  I hope that whomever Thufir finds to answer his question provides a sufficiently useful answer - it might not be the *right* answer of course, but it might suffice.
> Head back down...
> JF

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