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Re: Web-Forms 2.0: upload. Button apperance

From: Anatoly Kataev <w3c@dv-life.ru>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 20:58:53 +1100
Message-ID: <4646E15D.4000004@dv-life.ru>
To: David Woolley <forums@david-woolley.me.uk>, www-html@w3.org

David Woolley пишет:
> Anatoly Kataev wrote:
>> Styling languages? You mean CSS? I agree to style <input class=file> 
> I mean any styling language supported by the browser, of which CSS is 
> probably the most commonly used.  The www-style mailing list is not 
> restricted to the discussion of CSS, and is the appropriate mailing 
> list for this issue. 
Can you list some of them? I have slow connection and cannot dig 
through  www-style

> There is nothing in HTML that says that the text box needs to be 
> provided at all, but if it is, you have a compound of two controls, at 
> least one of which is likely to be native, which makes targeting the
> styling even more difficult.
>> impemented. Also code, which applies CSS rules to single TextEdit or 
>> Button already written in most UA's, so
>> it can be used for styling <input class=file> in case if it will be 
> I presume you meant *type*=file.
Right. My fault, i really meant type=file

> Again, you are assuming the internal structure of the element.  Again 
> you are on the wrong list.  Also note that this would have to be done 
> with pseudo-classes, if the style sheets are CSS ones.  Pseudo classes 
> are purely CSS concepts, they have no meaning in HTML.
Preudo-classes don't allow me to set caption on "Browse..." button

> input *type*=file is one of the most complex controls because it could 
> be implemented in so many different ways and because most users will 
> end up using one of the more complex native dialogues.
Can you explain that more detail?

> There is one special case, which is ex-patriot users using communal 
> PCs (libraries, where use is free in the UK, and internet cafes).  
> However, I don't think that that case applies here.  For library 
> computers, a good librarian would, given that OSes tend to be 
> multilingual these days, temporarily localise the PC for non-English 
> speakers.
Not all librarians are good :^)
> Many browsers cannot style other controls, 
IE, FF, Opera styles <input>, <teaxtarea> and <button> controls without 
any problems.

> and, in my view, styling them makes sites more difficult to use by 
> those people who are not familiar with the web and deciphering a 
> site's design metaphor.  The main use for styling, when UAs have 
> provided it, has been to allow designers to make their sites not look 
> like the standard user agent behaviour, and it is likely that a styled 
> upload control will lead to an unstyled dialogue box, breaking the 
> design by leaking the standard behaviour.
Not only designers. Many of customers don't want their sites looks like 
FreeBSD Handbook.

And also look at
It's only way to stylize INPUT i know
Do you think it's easy way? Do you think that authors of this arcticle 
have nothing to do, else as write useless articles?
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