Re: Some comments on the current draft

> --- David Woolley <> wrote:
> > <em role="-1">   less important, may be rendered a font-size:smaller,
> > for instance. This is my personal use of the <small> tag, for a one-
> > liner.
> In simplified Chinese, small text is used for positive emphasis!
> Also, in typical UK and US typography, small print is used to mean
> "very important but likely to cause fear, uncertainty and doubt if
> you actually read it".
> > as for "role", the term may not be correct (I'm not much familiar
> > with XHTML 2 yet), but I hope you get the point.
> Neither of the two attribute names used in this thread seem specific
> enough to be appropriate.

This is why I had suggested a new level="" attribute. The em element and the 
strong element now have different semantics (before strong was just 
stronger emphasis) and so both could use the additional attribute. As 
for default representation: Utilizing I18N (I don't know much about 
I18N so this may not be appropriate usage), the default representation 
would be different in different parts of the world.

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Received on Tuesday, 26 September 2006 05:24:25 UTC