Re: Metadata (was: Re: Number, Date, Time, Quantity)


> The other problem is of course that metadata can be incorrect and if
> enough people add incorrect metadata it will be ignored again (happened
> before to the <meta> element for instance).

I really don't understand why you have posted this Anne, particularly
starting a new thread with a fanfare, as if it's some kind of novel

Yes, metadata can be used for the benefit of mankind, and yes it can
be 'misused'. But since knives, horseradish, hedge-trimmers,
aeroplanes, camels, and just about everything we know also fall into
this very broad category, I think it's best not to fill the list with
such discussions.

I think we all know that we're not achieving utopia as we propose and
develop our solutions, but plenty of 'good stuff' will come from using
metadata, even if some 'bad things' might happen on the way.

This is a non-debate--I really hope that we don't now get a great long
thread that pretends to be a debate.

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