Re: Unstyled Content (was Re: Draft suggestion: "normal" needed)

>>> David Woolley <> 7/15/2005 6:52:03 PM >>>
>> Is there, or will there be, a requirement in the XHTML 2.0 WD or
>> future XHTML specifications that conformant user agents must have
>> least CSS Level 1 support?
> That would be unreasonable; it would require search engine indexers,
> web site summarisers, etc. to have CSS support even though they had
> no means of rendering the page.

I should have said conformant visual user agents. Mea culpa.

Just generally, let me say that I've seen on this mailing list repeat
concerns about semantics that would be lost if CSS weren't supported.
Things like marking up a thought. What's the best answer? I don't know.
So far I've seen one suggestion and a bunch of people who are
unconcerned. Hm.

Maybe the solution is to pass this problem off to the CSS people and
hope for a CSS Typographic Profile - ala the CSS Mobile Profile and CSS
Print Profile - containing the absolute bare minimum CSS needed for
typography. And then hope that visual and aural user agents would at
least implement that.

- Ed.

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