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>Simon Siemens wrote:
>>Yes, we have additional semantics by "code" and "blockcode". But what is 
>>the usage? It's the same as adding a tag for exclamation sentences like:
>Well, as a use case, look at the following example [1]:

(Laurens quotes an example of blockcode from the current draft, with a CSS 
style sheet to number each line.)

>This would create automatic line numbering, which makes sense for code, 
>but not for other preformatted content such as a poem where whitespace 
>matters [2].

Line numbering does make sense for poetry, even in poems where whitespace 
matters. It is common practice in literature textbooks. Any academic 
edition of plays by Shakespeare (and near-cotemporaries) also uses line 
numbering. However, in such textbooks and editions, only every fifth or 
tenth line gets a number.
Moreover, when quoting a literary text, you woulnd't use blockcode but 
blockquote. For poems where whitespace matters, I find blockquote (with CSS 
white-space:pre) preferable to the pre element.


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