Datestamping HTML

I wonder if you could let me know to whom I should write about suggesting
that all HTML documents get automatically datestamped as they are uploaded
to the server?

It seems such a simple idea to me, but I realise that its acceptance and
implementation might be a little bit more problematic.

If all uploaded documents were datestamped server-side with a universally
accepted time (eg GMT) - similar to the practice with emails - then it would
not only introduce a new method of archiving web content but would go some
way towards protecting intellectual property rights, as any ideas that were
posted online would have a specific time and date which were NOT under the
control of the individual.

Any suggestions as to whom I should contact next would be gratefully

Thank you in advance.

Sue Craig

ps My particular area of interest is neuroscience, which is such a new
science that it is crucially important to me to know exactly when a paper
was written. More than 3 years old and it really isn't worth reading!

Received on Friday, 23 January 2004 05:47:26 UTC