Re: Query about applying styles to the <html> element.

Gladman, Mark wrote:
> is it valid to assign a style to the <html> element via an externalised
> CSS file?

Yes.  Styles can be applied to any element in HTML, XHTML and XML 
documents using an external stylesheet.  If a selector matches any 
element in the DOM, the styles will be applied, regardless of whether 
the element allows the use of a style attribute.

You should also be aware that CSS is an entirely seperate language from 
HTML, and that such a question is not appropriate for the HTML list.  I 
suggest you try asking further questions an a CSS help forum, newsgroup 
or mailing list.

> trying to get embedded objects using the <object> element to render
> correctly in Gecko-based browsers, but due to parent block-level width
> and height inheritence...

I suggest you try css-discuss or 
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets on USENET to find out why 
this is happening.  It helps if you provide a URL for the document so 
that others may see what is happening, and offer a better solution.
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Received on Thursday, 9 December 2004 09:11:10 UTC