www-html list configuration changed

This list was configured to accept mail from anyone who went
through our archive approval challenge/response process. This
generally eliminates a lot of spam and viruses but occasionally
lets through some junk mail, as you may have noticed.

I just changed the list configuration to restrict posting to a
hardcoded list of of email addresses, currently a list of people
that have posted non-junk in the last month. When someone whose
email address is not on that list attempts to post, their message
will be forwarded to me for manual approval.

(generally, when I approve a message I'll add that poster to the
list of addresses authorized to post directly to the list)

This will introduce delays for some people's messages to show up
on the list, but should reduce the overall amount of noise.

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Received on Monday, 26 April 2004 17:58:44 UTC