Re: complexity

On Fri, 9 Apr 2004 wrote:
>>> Authors want to do silly things like :first-letter, and marketing
>>> wants to satisfy these silly wishes...
>> I'm confused; you want the working group to _not_ address author
>> wishes?
> I want the working group to carefully distinguish between reasonable
> things, that give a considerable benefit at an acceptable cost, and
> silly ideas that only add unnecessary complexity.

We do. Maybe our opinion of what is silly is different, though. :-)

>>> What does it help when Mozilla and Opera prove that something is
>>> possible, if no other browser (except maybe IE, if they wanted to)
>>> is able to implement it?
>> If two UAs can implement it, why would a third not be able to?
> Because of cost. Not every browser vendor has such an enormous manpower.

Mozilla and Opera both have _extremely_ small development teams. If I
recall correctly the core rendering engine team at Opera is no more than 6
people, and it is about the same number of people for Mozilla. And this
covers everything: SVG, CSS, HTML, XML, plugins, events, DOM, forms, HTTP,
cookies, javascript, etc.

Anyway, I would recommend being more specific in your criticisms.

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