Re: complexity (was: Re: XHTML and RDF)

* Orion Adrian wrote:
>I think a friend of mine hit this on the head. It doesn't really matter who 
>is coming up with these specs, the people coming up with the specs don't 
>have to implement them or use them with the possible exception of the XML 
>and HTML working groups.

Oh please, it's the W3C Membership who comes up with these specs and you
cannot seriously claim that W3C Members are not implementers or users of
these specs.

>Now given the overall structure of the W3C, I don't see a lot that they can 
>do about that. Perhaps what the W3C should concentrate on is culling back 
>existing standards and simplifying them.

That would among other things require consensus about what consitutes
simplicity. Also note that something that is simple to implement might
be complicated to author or the other way round, and that simplicity
is only one of the many desired properties of a technology. You might be
interested in reading the materials at <>

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