RE: opposite of em

Jim Jewett:
>>>It might make more sense to just give em a strength attribute
>>>which defaults to 1, but can be negative.

Orion Adrian / 2004-04-02 20:12:
>> I've always liked this idea... mostly because it fixes the incongruity
>> strong.  Now you just have one emphasis element that can represent any 
>> amount of positive or negative emphasis.

Mikko Rantalainen:

> I second this. Though the "strength" (or whatever the attribute is 
> called) should definately be *relative*. 

> The only problem is, how do you make relative strength to work with 
> CSS? CSS couldn't add the "strength" values of all the element's 
> ancestors, last time I checked.

Why not?  Isn't that what it does with fontsize, if you happen to
always use relative changes?


Received on Monday, 5 April 2004 14:33:33 UTC