RE: [Fwd: Re: Why bother using DTDs?]

>>If namespaces should not change with the version, then why not provide
>>some other means to show the version but Doctype headers?
>>DTDs are out of date and if Namespaces can't replace them, then we need
>>something that can. If Namespaces can, then we need a way to let them.
>Ask the Schema group. :-)

This is an XML issue, not a Schema issue. The original authors of XML 
decided that XML needed a way to specify type information in the document 
itself. DOCTYPEs being unaware of namspaces will eventually go away. However 
that leaves us with two things: Namespaces that don't specify syntax, just 
semantics and no existing way to specify schema information that is 
namespace aware that isn't XML Schema.

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Received on Monday, 5 April 2004 13:37:46 UTC