Re: Magic Elements (was: kelvSYC's Thoughts on the new XHTML Draft)

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> Subject: Magic Elements (was: kelvSYC's Thoughts on the new XHTML Draft)
>> There's a new removal error about to happen: <q>.  Just as there may be
>> difficulties in edge cases of <ol start="0">, there may be some with <q>
> in
>> some i18n contexts, but is throwing the baby out with the bathwater
>> warranted here?
>> If the WG follows the same path for <ol> as it took recently with <q>,
> we'll
>> no doubt end up with something like ...
>> <orderedlist>
>> <li>1. Cats</li>
>> <li>2. Dogs</li>
>> <li>3. Rats</li>
>> </orderedlist>
> I think <quote> is better than <q>, since it pairs nicely with <blockquote>.

Yes, that is a good point as well.  Though the group *did* consider <blockq>
instead ;)

> Your argument doesn't hold true, however. The WG changed <line> into <l>, a
> decision I still think is ludicrous,

In my opinion this was a simple as seeking to avoid unnecessary tag name
collisions in vocabularies which are likely to be used together (even if
namespaces help avoid technical collisions, people *will* confuse the same
tag meaning different things in one document).  SVG had <line> first, and
probably more appropriately so.

> given the similarities to the letter i
> and the number 1 in some typefaces. Imagine the havoc this sort of thing
> could cause: <l>The binary number 111 looks very ill</l> ;)

l00k, ar3 u r3411y s4y1ng th3r3'5 a pr0613m h3r3?

programmers have had this "problem" for quite some time, hence why most
fonts used as defaults in code editors tend to distinguish
  0 vs. O, 1 vs. l vs i vs. I etc.

I think this is a silly reason to get upset about a tagname.  Just pick a
better default font in your text editor.

And sometimes I think, maybe uppercase tagnames would have been better...


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