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Brian wrote: 
> Abbreviations (and maybe alt tags for images) are metadata.
> There will be added layers of complexity from what appears on
> the surface. Therefore a simple document markup language
> should leave such issues to a richer and more appropriate
> language, such as RDF  (and to take on board Ernest Cline's
> message sent a few second's ago, if abbreviations aren't
> regarded as metadata they can be regarded as presentational
> and should therefore not be including in XHTML 2.0 - but for
> a different reason).
> Abbreviations (and certainly alt tags for images) may be
> metadata but they are also capable of being easily understood
> and deployed.  It would be desirable to include a lightweight
> way of provides support for such features in a new document
> markup language, as has been done with HTML.
> Comments?

Interesting thread all... We've been wondering about a few things, and one
of them is trying to enhance and further extend the use of the <link>
element by changing it... One of the ways we thought it might be useful was
in preparing inline glossary functionality. This thread has me thinking that
we could combine it with some other format as Brian suggested, but then be
able to pull that functionality into HTML via the <link> element...

I've posted a (mostly theoretical) article about this type of functionality

I'm curious to know what others think of that type of functionality...

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