RE: Abbreviations and Acronyms: [techs] Latest HTML Techniques Draft

> Note that my suggestion for allowing a range of meanings is to be able
> to distinguish between a strict definition, a chatty explanation, etc.
> For example, the FAILTE project says that FAILTE
> standards for Facilitating Access to Information on Learning Technology
> for Engineers.  However the Web page goes on to say that failte  is the
> gaelic word for WELCOME, and is pronounced something like 'fawl-sha'.
> It *may* be useful to be able to provide markup to differentatite
> between, say, a formal meaning and an explanation (I say *may* as
> clearly there is a cost to doing this.)

Longdesc for abbreviations? Indeed we could have such a long description for 
all words and some of them would be quite interesting.

How useful would this be though, does knowing the meaning of the word "fáilte" 
help you process the meaning of the acronym "FAILTE" in any way?

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