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Le 11 dc. 2003,  09:32, Christoph Pper a crit :
>> See HTML 4.01
> The specification has been proven misleading and self-contradictory in 
> this regard more than once.

Yes it was my initial point. :)
Read all the links I have given.

> Or something more specialised for this job than (an enhanced version 
> of) CSS, like a CSV file or even some XML application.


>> You can add on the top of that for example, that you have in fact
>> in french, three different things abbreviation, acronyms and "sigle".
> Is a "sigle" an initialism or something different?

French Definition:

* abrviation  n. f.
 v. 1450;  texte abrg  1375; bas lat. abbreviatio

2 Removing of letters in a word, words in a sentence to write faster 
or to take less space.

Abrviation de
	Mademoiselle en Mlle,
	de kilomtre en km,
	de c'est--dire en c.--d.
The abbreviation is always pronounced as the full word. Liste des 

* acronyme  n. m.
 1970; english. acronym  word composed with Initials or syllabs or 
syllabs of several words , from acro- and -onym  nom , d'apr. 

Linguistic. Sigle* pronounced like a common word.  Ovni  (NdT means 
UFO) and  sida  (NdT means AIDS) are acronyms.  Word composed with 
syllabs of several words. mot-valise. English acronyms used in french 
(ex. sonar).

* sigle n. m.
 1712; lat. jurid. sigla  signes abrviatifs 

1 Hist. Initial used as an abbreviation. The "sigles" of ancient 

2 Ling. Series of Initial of several words which makes a unique word 
pronounced letters by letters. O. N. U. is pronounced as a sigle  or as 
an acronym. Derived formed on a sigle (ex. cgtiste, coming from C. G. 

* apocope n. f.
 1521; lat. gramm. d'o. gr. apocopa

 Ling. Falling of a "phonme", for one or several syllabs at the end 
of the word (opposite of aphrse).  truncation. We say  tl  for  
tlvision ,  mat  for  matin  by apocope.  Adj. APOCOP, E, 

aphrse n. f.
 1701; aph(a)eresis 1521; lat. gramm. d'o. gr. aphresis

 Ling. Falling of a "phonme" or a group of "phonmes" at the start of 
a word (oppos of apocope).  truncation.  Car  for  autocar  by 

Simple!!! Isn't it ;)

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