Re: XHTML2 <caption> and <summary> elements

I would like to add that the lack of description type elements or
attributes in XHTML has prevented me from moving our document content
model to XHTML. The addition of the title attribute to the Core
attribute group was a major step in the right direction. Unfortunately,
the title attribute cannot include additional markup and cannot
accurately describe rich titles.

The inclusion of richer description facilities for markup sections, such
as lists, objects, tables, and the new section element would greatly
enhance our ability to use XHTML2 as a general document model without
the need for extension. I would certainly like to see the summary and
caption elements moved to their own module, and included in the content
model of a greater number of elements. Notably, lists are still lacking
this description facility.


Received on Wednesday, 10 December 2003 19:00:00 UTC