Re: [XHTML2] Inline list element proposal

> <p> <il><label>The Fellowship of the Ring</label> consisted of 
> nine members. <ili>Frodo</ili> and <ili>Sam</ili> were selected 
> at the Council of Elrond, [...]</il>, in the Fellowship [...]</p>

<snip />

> Embedded inside that paragraph of my example is a list, [...]

Sounds like going to a car replacement part warehouse and say 'look, this is
my car', by having highlighted all parts belonging together.

> Right now, if an author wishes to have available that information
> in both paragraph and list form, he is required to duplicate the
> information, [...]

Nice idea, and pretty usable.

> By choosing appropriate CSS, the author could choose to present 
> only the list if for example he provided an alternate stylesheet
> that would only present a summary of the information. [...]

That's nothing to write home about, ain't it?

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Jens Meiert
Interface Architect

Received on Tuesday, 9 December 2003 08:13:16 UTC