[XHTML2] Inline list element proposal

Currently it is cumbersome to markup lists that are embedded
in ordinary text.  Could we use an inline level list structure?
It would be nice if we could do something like the following:

<il><label>The Fellowship of the Ring</label> consisted of nine members.
<ili>Frodo</ili> and <ili>Sam</ili> were selected at the Council of Elrond,
along with <ili>Gandalf</ili>, <ili>Aragorn</ili>, <ili>Boromir</ili>,
<ili>Gimli</ili>, and <ili>Legolas</ili>.  Only reluctantly did Elrond
consent to including the other two hobbits that accompanied Frodo to
Rivendell, <ili>Merry</ili> and <ili>Pippin</ili></il>, in the Fellowship,
as he had thought to send them back to the Shire to warn the Hobbits.

The reason for using <ili/> instead of <li/> is a desire to limit
the content model to just (PCDATA|Inline)*, so a inline list needs
a distinct list item element from the block level list elements.
The content model of  <il/> is intended to be:

Should we have inline versions of both ordered and unordered lists?

Ernest Cline

Received on Tuesday, 9 December 2003 02:03:28 UTC