nesting and the newly promiscuous href

Ernest Cline wrote:

>  I certainly haven't encountered 
>  many pages that try to do either:

> <p><a href=...><!-- lots of text --></a></p>
> or:
> <table onclick=...>...</div>.

I'm most worried about nesting.

I have seen pages that link each
header to the table of contents.

I have seen news summary pages 
surround the lead paragraph of each
story with two separate links to the 
full story.

I have seen explanatory pages that
link to sidebars and longer explanations.

In each of these cases, the new format
would make it seem "natural" to turn the
whole paragraph into a link -- which then
masks a link contained within the paragraph.


Received on Monday, 8 December 2003 10:59:15 UTC