Re: vague thought - grid tag

> In theory.  It would be nice if CSS did that, but HTML's logic in
> table-handling is very flexible and allows the sort of layout that
> only be possible by a rather inelegant amount of CSS.  Grid layouts
> have the structure of a grid, so to give all the cells an id=
attribute and
> position them each absolutely seems like replacing something that is
> structured by something that is cludged.
I don't agree at all - it is very simple to use CSS for layout and in my
opinion it is much more elegant to have structured content that isn't
surrounded by lots of presentational elements.
And you don't need to add id attributes to all of the 'cells' - that's
what the 'C' in CSS is all about.
It's a presentational issue and even if it was felt that CSS could not
handle it properly, it is something to change in future versions of CSS,
not HTML.

Patrick Griffiths (PTG)

Received on Thursday, 4 December 2003 11:07:12 UTC