Re: XHTML 2.0: Suggestion for <addr/> and <blockaddr/> to replace <address/>

Actually, what is needed instead of an inline version of <address> is a URI
for postal addresses.  I was unable to find one, altho the basics of what
its format is should be fairly clear.  Something like:
  "postal://" <country-code> "/" <postal-code> ( "/" <address-line> )+
Thus postal mail intended for me could have a URI like:
The basic idea probably needs refining by the UPU or some other body whose
main concern is postal addresses.

Once such a URI scheme existed, then rather than using an inline element,
we could use the following:

  <dt>Snail Mail</dt>
    <l>Ernest Cline</l>
    <l>351 Marion St.</l>
    <l>Batesburg, SC 29006-1300</l>
  <dd href="">
  <dd href="tel:+18035325230">(803)532-5230</dd>

Now whether we should have a block level element such as the proposed
<contact> to serve as a container of related contact information is a
separate question, but once a URI scheme for postal addresses exists, I
fail to see any need for a an inline address element.  Such a URI scheme
would be the preferable choice in my opinion.

(Note: The use of href for the postal: URI is appropriate.  I could see a
user agent calling up a word processor, which would then load a letter
template with the address information already included.)

Received on Tuesday, 2 December 2003 11:48:50 UTC