Re: XHTML 2.0: Suggestion for <addr/> and <blockaddr/> to replace <address/>


>>  I think that's too specific since it might not be just used for postal
>>addresses.  it could be used for email addresses, URIs or any other form
>>of address you can think of.  But then, what about phone numbers?
>>That's still contact information, yet there is not <phone> element.  How
>>about some new <blockcontact>/<contact> elements be introducted.
>What are the arguments against my original suggestion <addr/> and 
  Because <address>, or <blockaddr>/<addr>, is to specific to just 
addresses.  Any form of contact information should be able to be marked 
up like phone, fax, email,URIs, etc..., not just addresses.  Or, what if 
a form in the document was specifically for contacting the someone, like 
the author, or whoever the document is about.  Would it not be useful to 
markup that whole section in a <blockcontact> element?
    <!-- insert XForm markup here -->
  Marking that up in address would not make sense, because it's not an 
address, but it's still a contact method.

  So, basically, I agree with the whole concept of the 
<blockaddr>/<addr> elements, but just think the name is not generic enough.


Received on Tuesday, 2 December 2003 10:54:29 UTC