RE: XHTML 2.0 Roadmap

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> From: Arthur Wiebe <>
> In the XHTML 2.0 roadmap <>
> it states that the XHTML 2.0 Last Call will start it October 2004 and
> be a Candidate Recommendation in January 2004. What's happened
> to the Last Call as it is now December?
> <Arthur/>

That is just a projected date, and that roadmap doesn't even mention
the third, fourth, of fifth working drafts.  Given the current state of the
working draft, I sincerely hope and expect that there will be at least
one more working draft before going to Last Call.  There are too many
uncertain issues in my opinion to justify going directly to a last call
draft at this point. Hopefully WD6 will prove sound enough to justify
an LC soon after, but only if the WG has ironed out most or all of the
outstanding issues and sends out WD6 to get public comment
on the proposed draft before either tightening it up for LC if the
public generally likes it or slogging on to WD7 if there should
prove to be a major problem.

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